dream kings



(recording only)


(Mixing+Mastering included)


Dream Kings Studios, LLC is a professional digital recording studio located in the Bay Area, featuring the best of todays modern digital tools. Vocal recording is our specialty and we push for nothing less than industry standard sound.

dream kings


All of our audio is tracked through a Neumann u87ai, Avalon M5, and Apogee rosetta 200. Recording a clean signal is the first step needed to insure your projects have that industry sound.


dream kings


 The most important process for any record. Vocal compression, eqing, effects and instrumental mixing are all performed through protools to be mixed using multiple industry standard plugins.

dream kings


To compete with today's big sound your tracks must be mastered with digital mastering on the rise it has become more accessible for artist to achieve that big board analog sound at a more affordable price.


Came in with kings - Youngin Flo