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STUDIO TIME: $40 per hour  (includes engineer and a 1/2 off discount on mixing)
$60 per hr (mixing + mastering included)

When you choose the (mixing + mastering) included option you will leave your session with all of your songs finalized for itunes, pandora, spotify, and more!  Our systems are built to cater towards mixing on the fly without interrupting the flow of a session (recording + mixing sessions may be limited)

MIXING: $60 per song (if recorded elsewhere)

Have your own home setup you record at and just  need a mix? We can do that! No matter what program you recorded your vocals in we will guide you on how to get them protools ready for our engineers to transform your recordings into a record

 "$20 if recorded with us."


Digital mastering is approached the same way as analog, and that is to achieve a big loud sound without comprimising dynamics and avoiding digital distortion.

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