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Established in 2008, Dream Kings opened their first studio in Oakland, CA at Sound wave Studios . After 3 years of operation, Dream Kings relocated their services to Hayward, CA and quickly became one of the Bay Area's premier recording studios. 


Each of our engineers are trained professionals in the art of vocal recording. We Specialize in Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, and spoken words. Our studio provides a spacious vocal booth equipped with an extra monitor to better communicate with your engineer


 Dream Kings Studios maintains privacy for every client.

 Our sessions are by appointment only, no walk-ins.




Top Notch Acoustics

Professional Engineers

Neumann u87ai

What else needs to be said? This is the workhorse of any professional recording studio!


Warm Audio WA-8000

Based on a legendary tube microphone with an iconic design, the Warm Audio WA-8000 large-diaphragm condenser delivers a wide-open, up-front tone that imbues vocals with a radio-ready sheen.


Warm Audio WA73

The WA73 pays homage to the revered British console lineage that started it all. Throughout the audio industry, the 1073 is considered the holy grail of preamps, with a rich, sweet, and bold tonality that's ideal for making audacious statements with your music.



Warm Audio WA-2A

Like the original classic unit, the WA-2A gives you a completely discrete signal path and the same arrangement of controls. And yes, it replicates the original's coveted warm sound and forgiving nature.

Apogee Rosetta 200

All tracking is done in analog but there needs to be some kind of conversion for our audio before it enters the digital world to be mixed...and this is where the apogee comes in handy


How your projects sound in our studio should sound the same no matter where else it is played (cars, phones, live shows, etc) and we achieve this with our monitors. Punchy bass, solid mids, and crisp highs

Windows 10 + Protools 12

With this operating system we have the advantage of editing and processing our audio "live", which allows us to work faster to add effects or breakdowns live as you are still recording.



Autotune, Mcdsp, waves, ddmf, digidesign, massey...and many more

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